CranioSacral Therapy

Sarah Woodard, CST-D

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

I was certified in CranioSacral Therapy in 1996, and have since studied many bodywork modalities, integrating them as called for, in each session. Upledger Institute has also certified me as a CranioSacral Mentor, as a Teaching Assistant in 7 of their core training programs and as Study Group Leader in all of these levels. In 2015, I b​ecame certified in the Diplomate level of CranioSacral Therapy.

I have worked with people from all walks of life and with all manners of issues: brain trauma, migraines, structural issues, pre-and post operative, somatic trauma recovery journeys, guided body awareness session, health maintenance, stress reduction, and process integration. I work with the individual. No session is the same, and each is based on following your body's wisdom in it's journey toward health. My clients are diverse, including babies, children, pregnant moms, elderly and all the folks in between.

My practice also includes helping new students learn the techniques and gain confidence as practitioners, through teaching study groups and mentoring new practitioners. 

In college I majored in Biology and Art, and have since taken many classes in Humanistic Psychology, somatic awareness, and bodywork methods. All of my studies are fueled by a life-long curiosity about mind/body consciousness. I work with the patterns of how our minds affect our bodies, and how our bodies affect our minds. Finding the mind-body intersection, and inviting healing consciousness into it, is a gratifying aspect of my practice.

My work brings together training in science, an abiding creative consciousness, and a 30 year practice of meditation. A precise knowledge of anatomy, gentleness cultivated through meditation, and experience with many issues, all contribute to the supportive environment for my clients.

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