CranioSacral Therapy

Sarah Woodard, CST-D

"Many Hands Make Light Work"


Get support and guidance in learning CST. Develop confidence and skill in one-to-one sessions. You choose: receive treatment; explore specific techniques; bring a client and receive case feedback; ask specific questions about practicing CST, setting up a business, working with certain populations etc.  

Passing on the benefits of my 25 years experience with clarity and deep understanding, you will be encouraged, inspired and empowered in establishing your own practice. Mentorship is intended to enhance your technical skills, develop your confidence, and help you find your personal style of doing CST.  

Completing Mentorship requires receiving 24 hours of mentoring, 6 in each of the categories below, plus 6 "ala carte" (in whichever way you feel benefits you most). See the details on Upledger website: CST Mentorship Program


"I appreciate the way you facilitated the work sessions. The quality of your "being present" allowed me to understand things on a more experiential level. Rather than just hearing answers, I can feel them. "


To schedule a private mentorship appointment, select Services, then Mentoring:

Call to inquire - 510-525-8287