CranioSacral                     Therapy Sarah Woodard, CST-D

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

These study groups and workshops count toward Small Group Mentoring hours through Upledger Institute. Individual mentoring is available before and after each session and by appointment. 

Climate Change and solutions neighborhood forum

Jan 18, 2020

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We will use the solution-oriented approach to discuss climate change and how we can personally contribute to change. Bring your ideas, info and notices of any social actions you can share. Bring a snack to share and bring your own utensils to prevent use of disposables and plastics!

Attunement: Healthy Interdependence Workshop

Date: January 21, or Feb 8, 2020

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The problem? Political, economic, ecological, and personal events accumulate in us and most of us are walking around in a mild state of trauma all the time. I've developed this workshop as an offshoot of CranialSacral multihands therapy practices. It explores immediate, body, speech and mind experience, to deepen our instinct toward wholeness. When we are in a whole and centered place, we suffer less, and we perceive the world more kindly. Through exercises and discussion we will cultivate some direct, effective skills to offset overwhelm, and engender the power of collective attunement. Though "Attunement" is a skill of early childhood, we can bring it to 'grownup' issues such as how we engage the world, and swim in the matrix of complex life events, while aspiring to have a healthy, happy life. In our 4 hour workshop (with 30 minute break), we will do several exercises and meditations together and also share our experiences and wisdom.

CS1 Study Group

Sunday, January 19, 2020, 2-4 PM

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For anyone who has completed Upledger Institute CS1 class.

We will cover as much of the 10-step protocol as possible in our 2-hour meeting. Bring your specific questions, and your class workbook with you. I have study materials, models and table for us to practice on.

Advanced Therapists Retreat

Friday, June 12 - Monday, June 15, 2020

Treat, be treated and renew your spirits!

Join us on our 117-acre ranch near Mendocino. Gather with other advanced Craniosacral therapists, supported by nature and good company to practice and receive multi-hands work. We will follow the familiar format of a morning circle, grounding/deepening contemplation, then break into therapy teams for the day's table work.

This next retreat, we may invite advanced practitioners who are skilled in other modalities to join us. Complimentary therapies blend well with CST, and we often practice in complimentary multi-modality sessions. We will also offer plant walks as part of the retreat. 

Relax into the rustic natural environment of Spirit Springs Ranch, swim, hike, integrate, and enjoy good company!

We will work in groups with primary and support therapist structure, and will rotate groups each day. 

Min Requirements: SER 2 and an ongoing SER practice.

$350 includes rustic shared housing, all meals and all facilities.

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